A twist in the road

Koda Bear Ferret had surgery for adrenal tumors on December 22, 2011.  At first, he was recovering well.  He woke up, ate, and was alert soon after the surgery.  At home, he wanted to explore and ate with his usual gusto.  The only issue was diarrhea.  That can be a normal occurance after surgery or a side effect from his pain medications.  The diarrhea didn’t improve consistently.  It actually got worse.  I continued to feed his special high protein “duck soup” for sick ferrets and watched. 

Sunday night, my friend and I put in a call to the emergency vet at the clinic where the surgery was performed.  Koda was lathargic and only eating when hand fed.  His diarrhea was constant.  He still ate well when he did but he lost all interest in kibble.  I was terrified that I was going to loose my Koda so soon after Taliesin.   He lost a lot of weight in 4 days.  The vet told us to have him in the office first thing in the morning.  So, at 7 pm, we jumped in the car and drove two hours to my parents’ house where we stayed until the vet office opened this morning. 

The vet was excellent.  She did a blood panel and an exam.  Koda was dehydrated, which is no surprise given his explosive diarrhea. Koda weighed 1.15 today, down from 2.1 the day of surgery.  Most of his weight loss was over 4 days.    We left him for the day to get IV fluids and be monitored.  He looked better this afternoon.  He was eating his soupie but still not interested in kibble.  The vet thinks he has pancreatitis caused by irritation during his surgery.  His blood sugar was a little low, which could be insulinoma or just not getting enough food digested.  Some of his other blood results indicated problems that indicate the pancreatitis.

We took him home tonight.  I’ll be hand feeding the ferret every 3 hours and monitoring his liquid intake and all output.  His diarrhea is still present.  But, he hasn’t pooed since his last feeding almost three hours ago!  Awesome!  Tomorrow, we’ll check him for dehydration.  If he is, he goes into the vet for fluids.  If not, we keep on the feeding schedule. 

He’s not out of the woods yet.  That was a lot of weight loss.  And there is the possibility of insulinoma and/or lymphoma.  The vet thinks the most likely is the pancreatitis causing the symptoms.

Please keep my little Koda in your thoughts and prayers. 


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