Holiday musings

I was thinking about the holidays the last couple of days.  On Christmas,  I was over at a friend’s house. We watched her young grandchildren opening presents. So much excitement and energy! Some of it was the normal “I got something new!” just plain aquiring things. But, a lot of it was anticipation, excitement of the season.
As a child, I remember Christmas being a magical season. Anything seemed possible. It wasn’t all about the presents. It was about the concepts of peace and joy. Being raised in a Christian household, it was also about Jesus, a baby. Miracles. As I grew older, the magic paled. Reality set in. Yes, miracles can happen, but not often. And people are people, both good and bad, no matter the time of year. For a long time, Christmas has just been a season of gift finding, which can be fun. I enjoy trying to match what I give to the likes and needs of the recipients. With my journey into Wicca, Yule became a spiritual focus during the time. But, the excitement of childhood never returned. Yule was meaningful but it still lacked the excitement, the anticipation.
I have been reading “Wiccan Beliefs and Practices” by Cantrell and the “Sabbats” book by McCoy. In the Yule discussion, they both talk about the history briefly. I can imagine the energy and excitement around Yule by the ancient peoples. They weren’t sure, scientifically, that the sun would return to spring and summer.
I wonder if our technology and science in a way “interfere” with the sense of anticipation and excitement. We know summer will come. We understand how the earth rotates around the sun. And, we’ve been influenced by the commercialization of the Yule/ Christmas season. Perhaps this is why so many people experience a “let down” this time of year. There still is a sense of anticipation- but for many it’s commercial. Things don’t meet our deepest needs. We yearn for the spiritual. Yet, our scientific society often denies the spiritual yearning at the same time.
This Yule was a spiritual time for me. The ritual I held with my friends was deep and moving. In a sense, I feel satisified. And, I felt a glimmer of the old magic; the specialness of the season. I wish I could reconnect with the innocence of a simple faith. The Deities exist. Life has a larger purpose. But life is complicated.
Ferrets, on the other hand, are not complicated.  They are rather simple souls.  Fun, food, and sleep.  I’m sitting here watching Kaliyah and Brigid taking turns chasing each other.  Kaliyah dashes under the bemused kitten and races into a tube.  Brigid, being larger, attempts to follow.  As a kitten, she fit easily.  Now, she squirms in and has to back out rather awkwardly.  One of these days, she is going to get stuck!  They can always bring a smile.


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