Rhythm of Life


Today is Labor Day.   It marks the “official end of summer” in the eyes of most Americans.  Certainly, there is a change in the air.  It is still getting hot out but you can feel the intensity is less.  Summer is winding down.

Officially, the first day of fall is September 23rd, the Fall Equinox.  Night and day are equal, in balance.  Wiccans celebrate Mabon, the second of the harvest festivals.  The bounty of the earth is celebrated by honoring both the God and the Goddess. 

Life has rhythm. It is seen in the moon, seasons, and our own lives.

Fall we reap the harvest of our work. The fields are ripe. Yet, at the same time, nature prepares for winter. Leaves put on a spectacular display of a riot of colors. Days shorten. Pumpkins ripen and start to show up on doorsteps. And as the rhythm of nature slows, there are still new beginnings. The New school year starts. So does college football!

Winter arrives. The earth slumbers under the cover of snow. The days are short and cold. Winter is considered the end of lifespan and is associated with death and dying. Talisien Ferret is not doing well. His adrenal symptoms have gotten worse and he has swollen nodes. His season is winter but he lives every day fully. He plays, eats, sleeps and enjoys his buddies.

Sadly, a friend left this world yesterday. She was a great lady; generous and with a good sense of humor. She was the mother of a very good friend, has two grandchildren, and two greatgrandchildren. She was blessed to be in her daughter’s home and surrounded by friends and family. I only knew her a short time. I met her through her daughter after I was injured. She asked how I was doing every time I came over to the house. Even ill, she cared for others.

After winter, the spring arrives. The trees and flowers bloom. Baby animals are born. The world wakes from its slumbers. In life, we have new beginnings. I believe those who have passed away also awake to a spiritual spring. There is life beyond this physical world.

Summer is the fullness of life. Long, sunny days arrive. We get active. The trees, fruit, Flowers, and vegetables ripen.

There is rhythm in life. How do you see rhythm in yours?


One response to “Rhythm of Life

  1. That little ferret is not laboring on labor day! Love the picture very much. and as always your posts are thought provoking.
    I find it difficult to notice the rhythm in my life. I make it difficult.
    In California the season are mixed up within a week, a day, sometimes an hour. the cycle of nature is not present as it can be summer in January and fall in July.
    I can only blame so much on the climate however. I tend to work 7 days a week. Not always in the office with clients but always “working” on paperwork, workshops, blogs, etc etc. Since I’m my own boss and set my own hours I find I’m a hard task master. I don’t pay for vacations, don’t give over-time and expect totally devotion. My days and weeks and month are a blur.
    I could go on and on and on as you’ve set off my self reflection.


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