A pretty little mistake

I made a “mistake” this weekend. A friend wanted to go to the local animal control to look at the kittens. I decided to tag along. I have been thinking about adopting a cat for a while but decided to wait. Yet, at the same time, I was sending energy for the “right” cat.  My ferrets are wonderful, fun, and loving companions. They bring smiles during the hardest time. They will share energy if they understand what I need. But, they are hyper little souls. Their energy is more chaotic than calm. That’s not always bad. I think they must be the special pets of Loki.

So, I’m at the shelter, playing with the kittens and helping my friends with finding a kitten for themselves. This little white kitten catches my eye. She’s napping, hiding out on the cat tree. She has tan ears and a tan tail. I pet her, and she opens up her eyes. They are a startling blue. She’s at least part Siamese. She has the slightly cross-eyed look of all Siamese. I was hoping to find a Siamese, even considering breeders. When I looked into her eyes, we connected. She mieowed and immediately came over to me, purring like a maniac. My friend also took home a pretty little domestic shorthair.

She is 10 weeks old, and just spayed. She’s settling in well to her new home, although she’s not too fond of the ferrets. Kaliyah has decided to assert her dominance. Tosca is curious, Taliesin sniffed her and accepted her, and Koda is in love. He likes to groom her ears. All interactions are closesly supervised.

My major problem is finding a name that suits her. She hasn’t told me yet. I get the impression the name isn’t too important to her but doesn’t like her shelter name “Little Missy.” She’s noble but not prissy.

I am using the net to look for names. I made a list and crossed off several names. Kitty said no to a few. I decided I didn’t like others. I want to avoid “K” sounds because of Koda and Kaliyah.

On one of the name sites, I came across Asherah. The site said the name meant “fortunate.” The name seemed familiar. Later, I found out Asherah is one of Names of the Goddess, from the Middle East. She’s acutally mentioned in the Bible as the consort of Ba’al and a goddess King Solomon was tempted to worship. She is a fertility Goddess and was known as Mother of the Gods.

Kitty looked inscrutiable when I asked about Asherah. I think she likes the name. I have the feeling the choice is mine, so long as it’s something she likes, she doesn’t care.

Another name that caught my attention on a name list was Aradia. Wait… this name is familiar. I’ve heard it before. Then it dawns on me: yeah, Aradia, Queen of the Witches. Major face/palm moment. I didn’t recognize it immediately.

As of right now, there’s four names I really like: Asherah, Aradia, Brianna, and Brigit. I see a pattern here.


One response to “A pretty little mistake

  1. How about Briadia?
    Or Miss Kitty (Gunsmoke)

    she’s gorgeous. congratulations

    I do believe, however, SHE will ultimately tell you. She’s probably waiting to see if she’s with you permanently before she reveals a permanent name. (Well, that may be MY projection!)


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