Insomnia— Again


 Here it is, just after midnight.  My mind is annoyingly alert.  Last night, I woke up at 2 a.m. and did not fall asleep again until after  7:00.   This post is the result of a sleep deprived, meandering mind.  Read on, if you dare! 

Blinking sighing deep
Blurry eyes look out at night
Stars dance in the sky

This is am awesome picture.  It’s by Sherry Blue Sky.  You can read her blog here:  She has some wonderful poetry and pictures. 

I noticed something in the title of the post.  The word “again.”  Break it into syllables: a gain.   What will I gain from this time?  More haikus!   =)   Seriously, one life lesson from the concussion that keeps returning is being able to use something that can be viewed as negative to positive effect.    “Again.”  Often this word has negative connotations.  Hey, I have insomnia again.  I have to repeat the assignment again.  Of course, if the activity is fun, again is good.  I rode the roller coaster again.  Yeah!   Yet, doing something again can be beneficial.  In music, repetition is used  in practice and rehearsals to build technique.  If I am not successful at a project the first time, doing it again gives me an opportunity to improve.  It all depends on how you view it.  Again can be a gain.

 At Play
I am ferret!  Hear me roar!
Life with me is never a bore!
Dooking, I dance and pounce
Through the house I play and bounce.
Before you laugh or even grin
I just stole your keys again.
Where I hid them you have to guess
And in the corner I left a mess.
A gentle kiss and soft the sigh
Seals the love between you and I.

3 responses to “Insomnia— Again

  1. It’s 2 am and I am up! Strange bedfellows. You, my friend – another great post. I love the A GAIN.
    I’m using the time to straighten up the mess of things I left Again when I went to bed at 11pm. The A GAIN is brilliant and fits me to a tee and I shall use it and share it.
    Thanks for the insight into my insights.


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