Hope springs eternal
Flowers in the worst tempest
After the storm, peace.

This has been a rough time for me.  While I continue to improve, the post concussion symptoms continue to waylay me at unexpected times. Even my taste in food has changed.  I don’t like salmon anymore.  Some food with strong smells make me queasy.  It’s a constant discovery of change.

Most people both want and fear change.  I’m no exception.  I enjoy a certain amount of predictability and routine.  Change now is upsetting.  Yet, change is life.  Change is growth.

I have hope.  No matter what happens, I have friends and family.  I know in the Universe, there is a purpose behind what seems a calamity to me.  Growth and healing is possible.  Hopefully, someday my experience will help another person.  I don’t believe those accident was “sent” to me.  I believe that I can choose a path toward healing and peace.  Even if I were not to get much more improvement, I will still find a way to to have a meaningful life.

“Health is the greatest gift,
 contentment the greatest wealth,
faithfulness the best relationship.”

5 responses to “Hope

  1. Dear Lydia, I hope you are recording all of these experiences (et al available to you). You certainly are a tremendously positive person and certainly an inspiration to others.



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