Brain processing

It feels like my brain is currently powered by a Celeron chip with only 1GB of RAM.   It processes slowly but it does get there.   The more I have to multitask or the more complex the problem, the harder it is for me to process and respond.  My brain even “freezes,” “crashes,” and shuts down. Yes, get a concussion and you too can experience Windows Personal.  Shut down: afternoon nap time.  Time for the system to reboot.  Crashes: sensory overload.  Often results in migraines and/or shut down.  Freezing: caution! multi-tasking ahead.  Just like a computer; too much information or tasks, the slower the response time.  If the problem is too complex, I can’t process it at all.  For example, making Rice-a Roni.  Seriously indedible by the time I was done.  Of course, I tried to get fancy and add meat and veggies.  My mistake.  Just boiling water, adding rice, simmering, and adding the flavoring is complicated enough.  Ever eat half-cooked, half soggy Rice a Roni?  I have.  It was rather nasty.     It’s like:                                                                                                                      









Actually, I think the baby food would have tasted better.  It’s not as bad, however, as the cheese omellette MRE.  I still can’t figure out what the military did to those “eggs.”  Or if they even were “eggs” to start with.

I was surfing the net, trying to find information on brain function.  The brain injury site I mentioned earlier has an illustration of the areas of the brain.  I was hoping to find something that also used audio to emphasize the visual. 

I found this: 


Very educational and a catchy tune.  I dare you not to sing it to yourself.  Narf!  I love Animaniacs.  What a great cartoon. 



2 responses to “Brain processing

  1. I love how you’ve translated your physical function into geek verbage. Helps us to better understand. As for the video – I’m now stuck with Camptown Races and instead of Do-dah it’s “Brain Stem, Brain Stem”! LOL

    Humor helps with embracing that which is difficult to comprehend and overcome.


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